On September 12, Apple is set to unveil four models within the iPhone 15 series: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max (or possibly the iPhone 15 Ultra). With iPhones holding a strong grip on the smartphone market, Apple remains a dominant player, leading in terms of shipments during the initial half of this year.

In the first half of 2023, a list of the top 10 most shipped smartphones has been revealed. Among these, Apple and Samsung have dominated the market, with each having five phones on the list. Apple’s premium device, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, secured the leading position, while Samsung’s flagship, the S23 Ultra, claimed the sixth spot in the rankings. This information reflects the popularity of these brands and their high-end models in the current year.

Securing the lead with an impressive achievement, Apple claims a significant presence within the top five ranks of the most shipped smartphones. These findings stem from Omdia’s Smartphone Model Market Tracker, a reputable source of information. Notably, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which stands as Apple’s priciest option within the 14 series, emerges as the world’s most shipped smartphone in the initial six months of 2023. An astounding 26.5 million units of the iPhone 14 Pro Max have been dispatched by Apple during this period.

Global Top 10 Most Shipped Smartphones

Taking the second and third spots on the list are the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14, respectively. In terms of sales figures, the iPhone 14 Pro secured a notable position by selling 21 million units, followed closely by the iPhone 14, which shipped 16.5 million units. These numbers reflect the continued popularity of Apple’s smartphone lineup.

Having made its debut in 2021, the iPhone 13 has remarkably claimed the fourth spot by selling 15.5 million smartphones. This accomplishment underscores the enduring appeal of the iPhone 13 model.

Maintaining its presence despite its 2019 launch, the iPhone 11 holds its position on the chart at number ten, having shipped 6.9 million smartphones. This achievement highlights the lasting popularity of the iPhone 11 model.

Representing the Android side of the spectrum, Samsung secures a strong presence with five smartphones ranked from number six to number nine. Notably, the budget-friendly Samsung Galaxy A14 and Galaxy A14 5G models contribute significantly with 12.4 million and 9 million units shipped respectively. Additionally, Samsung’s premium flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, performs impressively by shipping 9.6 million units.

The midrange offerings from Samsung introduced this year, namely the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34, have gained traction with shipments of 8.8 million and 7.1 million units respectively.

There has been a general decline in smartphone shipments, indicating a weakening trend in the overall market. Omdia anticipates another decrease in global smartphone shipments for the current year.

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