Competition is huge in India, so don’t forget to try out the best Phone Compares specifications tool, to know which specifications are missing or not from the devices you are interested. Samsung Galaxy S23 series might be all about flagship specs, but are not perfect.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 flagship phones have been officially launched with Qualcomm SnapDragon 8 Gen 2 For Galaxy and it’s been confirmed that all S23 series sold in India will be manufactured at Samsung’s Noida factory.

Samsung India factory - S23 series

Samsung is already known to produce a significant number of its smartphones sold in India locally, and the Noida facility is the largest operational mobile phone manufacturing plant of Samsung in the world. This means that Samsung will invest more in India than usual.

This will happen not only to avoid import fees and taxes on its phones, Samsung has been manufacturing its Galaxy A and M series phones locally in India already, but to also maintain a strong relationship with India. India is huge and a very important market for most smartphone manufacturers, so it does make sense.

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