iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S23 is once again a top comparison!

It’s not the first time we write about the comparison between iPhone 13 vs Samsung S23! It seems that users are very interested at this 2 devices, even if the one it’s not the latest that comes from Apple, but it makes sense to compare them, because this 2 smartphone have similar price tags almost worldwide.

It is a also a top battle between Android vs iOS when users are not sure which operating system to pick for their next smartphone and they to also have a closer look to specifications so they can make a more extensive decision.

iphone 13 or samsung galaxy s23? 
smartphone comparison by phonecompares.com

This are 2 compact and flagship smartphones and we can not say for sure what you should choose, it’s really up to you. But Samsung offers a unique feature that you can not have with any iPhone and it’s called Dex. With Dex you can connect most of the Samsung flagship devices to a screen with an HDMI to type-c cable and make it a desktop with a mouse and a keyboard.

If you need that cool and practical feature then you that you should go with Samsung, it is one way here. They are many things we could compare about iPhone 13 and Galaxy S23, but they came close to many things. Don’t forget to visit the link in the first paragraph so you can see the actual specs comparison from the eyes of PhoneCompares algorithm.

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