After 2 years of hard work, we have finally published the best mobile phone comparison site! Before we started building, we did analyze what the market has to offer and designed from scratch the best phone compare engine. It was 2 years of hard work and a lot of thinking.

The Phone Comparison Engine we have built doesn’t only compare simple numbers values which is easy to do, but it can also compare Chipset and even Screen Protection, which are complicated values to compare. Because I am quite sure you don’t care much about technical stuff, let’s get to the point so you can understand better how our unique Phone comparison System works.

Mobile Phone Comparison Site

Choose Mobile Phones to Compare

They are 2 places where you can start a phone comparison:

  1. The first is located just at the top of the home page so you can quickly choose 2 smartphones or tablets for comparison.
  2. The other is located on the main page of the Phone Comparison Engine.

Above you can check a screenshot of the top part of the home page of for the desktop. As you can see there are 2 fields that are waiting for you to choose 2 smartphones or tablets for comparison! Once you type 3 letters or more a drop-down with devices will appear to select from. Once you choose 2 phones, the only thing you have to do is press the blue “COMPARE” button for the comparison to start, just like that!

In the above screenshot, you can check the main page where the magic of comparisons happens. It works the same way just like in the above example of the home page. You only have to choose 2 smartphones for comparison to start.

Comparable Fields

phone comparison

The first group of specs you will see is “General” with just 3 available fields. The “Release Date” field doesn’t make any sense to compare, so we don’t. Below is “OS At Launch”, which is a very important element for the firmware support a device will enjoy in the future, the newest the better. Below are “Details” about the Operating System, the skin, and updates that might a smartphone has received.

Body Phone Comparison

phone comparison

“Dimensions”, “Folded dimensions”, “build” and “colors” aren’t counted as comparable specs because it doesn’t make much sense to do so. But we do think to enable comparison for the “SIM” field in the future in case a smartphone is Single SIM or Dual SIM. “Thickness” for most users is an important factor so we do compare it and also we have included “Folded Thickness” just for foldable and flip smartphones! Weight of course is another important factor we couldn’t ignore, so it’s a comparable field! Same with “Memory Expansion” and “IP rating”! IP rating was also a hard field to compare accurately by the algorithm but we made it true!

Displays Mobile Phone Comparison

Specs here are quite forward. Screen “size” is something subjective so we don’t compare this. The screen “type” or technology panels used is really hard to compare. Imagine having an IPS vs an OLED panel. While for most people an OLED is better for many reasons, IPS also offers some advantages like consistent and more accurate colors, so for now we decided that you, as a user, will have to decide what is better, instead of the algorithm picking red or green and sometimes confuse you. “Details”, is there just for extra information that a display might have and it’s not comparable by the algorithm.

“Screen To Body Ratio”, “Brightness”, “Resolution” and “Protection” are really important characteristics, so that was an easy decision to make, these are totally comparable specs! Also, as you will notice from the above screenshot if a phone is foldable or flip there is a new separated group of specs only for the cover screen, which are also comparable if the 2 phones comparing are foldables or flips.

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