Motorola has recently showcased its latest rollable smartphone concept at MWC 2023, named Moto Rizr, featuring a 5-inch POLED display with a 15:9 aspect ratio that can expand vertically to a 6.5-inch with a 22:9 aspect ratio in just a few seconds. The device’s unique screen expansion mechanism can be activated by double-tapping the power button, making it ideal for media consumption. You can go through budget, midrange and flagship Motorola smartphones and compare them with similar phones with our unique Mobile Phone Comparison Site With The Best Engine!

Motorola Rollable Concept Phone: Moto Rizr
Pic Credit: mysmartprice

The phone’s panel wraps around the back of the device, leaving a small area of the display available for notifications or as a camera viewfinder to preview shots. Furthermore, the earpiece and selfie camera is cleverly tucked behind the panel so that the display will roll down each time the user makes or receives a call or wants to take a selfie.

The Moto Rizr can automatically expand the display in various applications, such as YouTube, providing a more immersive experience, or in the email and messaging app, giving the user a larger canvas to type on or view more of the conversation. Moreover, icons and wallpapers on the home screen realign when the display expands or contracts.

When the phone is facing down and the display is unrolled, the wrap-around part starts acting as a secondary back display. It can show notifications and dim down to an all-black always-on display that features the date, time, and weather. However, the phone weighs in at a hefty 210 grams and packs a 3,000 mAh battery. While the concept phone is intriguing, it remains to be seen how Motorola plans to bring this innovative rollable phone to the market and address any potential durability concerns.

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