The long-awaited OnePlus 12 has finally been unveiled in China, coinciding with OnePlus’ 10th anniversary celebration. Among OnePlus’ impressive lineup, the OnePlus 12 stands out, especially when compared to the latest phones on the market. Digging into the specs, it features the cutting-edge Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, along with some noteworthy additions compared to the OnePlus 11 which now is being compared like hot cake: OnePlus 11 vs Xiaomi 13T Pro

Wireless charging returns with the OnePlus 12 after its absence in the OnePlus 11. Although it lacks a full IP68 rating, it still boasts an IP65 rating, providing protection against dust and water jets. Additionally, the OnePlus 12 features a remarkable 3x periscope telephoto lens for an enhanced camera experience. Let’s explore these features further.

OnePlus 12 with Official Colors

Before we talk about the display try our unique and dynamic phone comparison engine! The OnePlus 12 boasts an impressive curved 6.82-inch QHD+ 2K LTPO AMOLED display with a resolution of 3,168 x 1,440 pixels and a 1-120 Hz adaptive refresh rate, offering a sharp 402 ppi. The BOE-made panel delivers up to 4,500 nits peak brightness for HDR content or 1,600 nits in regular use. OnePlus takes pride in the 2,160Hz PWM dimming feature and top-notch blue light filtering.

The OnePlus flagship proudly features the first domestic 2K display to achieve the prestigious DisplayMate A+ certification. Enhancing the visual experience, it comes equipped with Dolby Vision and a remarkable 10-bit color depth.

Talking about rear camera of the OnePlus device, you’ll find a Hasselblad-branded camera setup taking the spotlight. The primary camera boasts an impressive 50 MP resolution, featuring Sony’s dual-layer stacked Lytia 808 sensor, same sensor used in OnePlus Open with 1.12µm pixels and a 24mm equivalent f/1.7 lens with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). Accompanying this, there’s a 48MP Sony IMX581 ultra-wide-angle lens with a 70mm equivalent, and a 64MP OV64B periscope lens, providing 3x telephoto zoom. Phone also features a 32MP selfie camera with Sony IMX615 sensor.

Powering the OnePlus 12 is an impressive 5,400 mAh dual-cell battery, marking the largest battery ever seen in a OnePlus phone. The device supports rapid charging with a remarkable 100W wired charging capability, complemented by a newly added 50W wireless charging feature. Additionally, users can take advantage of the convenient 10W reverse wireless charging.

The OnePlus 12 is available in three stylish colors: black, emerald green, and white. The base model, equipped with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, starts at CNY 4,299. For those seeking higher specifications, there’s a variant with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage priced at CNY 4,799. Additionally, the OnePlus 12 offers two more variants with 16GB + 1TB and 24GB + 1TB configurations, priced at CNY 5,299 and CNY 5,799, respectively. Let’s explore the different options available for the OnePlus 12.

The eagerly awaited OnePlus 12 is currently available for pre-order in China, with open sales scheduled to commence on December 11. However, for the global audience, the wait might extend until January 2024, with speculation pointing towards a potential global launch on the 23rd of January. It’s important to note that as of now, there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the international release date. Let’s stay tuned for further updates on the OnePlus 12’s global launch.

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