The upcoming OnePlus 12 specs have already been leaked, and now we get an official glimpse of its stunning colors: black, white, and a beautiful green known as ‘Flowy Emerald.’ The design remains quite similar to the previous OnePlus 11, consistent with the leaked images. Exciting promotional pictures of the phone are now circulating on Weibo and various official social media platforms.

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OnePlus 12 with Official Colors

Examining the camera module closely, you’ll notice a smaller Hasselblad logo featuring just the letter H. The camera displays aperture details alongside it. The LED flash has shifted from the circular island, leaving room for a fourth small circle, possibly reserved for RGB sensors or a 3D ToF sensor. These images indicate that this flagship will mark a first for OnePlus, featuring a periscope lens for the telephoto camera.

Check out the promotional video.

In our view, we’re eager to experience the charm of the green variant of the phone. Its dark color and texture are truly captivating, and it appears to boast a lovely matte finish. The black color also stands out nicely with its matte finish, while the white option offers a glossy finish for a different aesthetic appeal.

The posters have announced that the launch is scheduled for December 5 at 14:30 local time in China. The global launch is anticipated to follow in January. We’ll ensure to provide you with the latest updates.

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