OnePlus today unveiled its OnePlus 11 Concept smartphone at MWC 2023 to showcase the company’s new active CryoFlux cooling solution. This is just concept and will not be available be for purchase but you can expect to see in action in future OnePlus phones. You can go through recently launched OnePlus 11 and compare it using our best comparison tool with similar phones if you are planning to buy.

OnePlus Concept Phone Launch

OnePlus is positioning the OnePlus 11 Concept as a revolutionary device, boasting that it has successfully condensed gaming PC-level liquid cooling technology and incorporated it into their mobile phone. According to OnePlus, this feat required two years of dedicated research and development, leading to the acquisition of 30 new patents.

CryoFlux System For Cooling

The Active CryoFlux system relies on a ceramic piezoelectric micropump as its core component, which propels fluid through a network of tubes positioned between an upper and lower diaphragm. With its minute size of under 0.2cm², the micropump efficiently drives the fluid, which in turn travels through the tubing functioning as a heat sink and radiator. The tubing absorbs heat from the SoC, gradually dissipating it as it makes its way back to the micropump.

The standout feature of this technology is its ability to lower the phone’s temperature by 2.1°C when running demanding gaming applications, enabling a performance boost of three to four additional frames. The technology also aids in cooling the phone while charging, reducing the temperature by 1.6°C and accelerating the charging time by an estimated 30 to 45 seconds, according to OnePlus.

OnePlus has incorporated a distinctive design element for the back cover of the device, utilizing curved, transparent glass with four softly curved corners. The translucent material allows you to witness the liquid-cooling technology in action on the back of the device, although it is important to note that this does not provide visibility into other internal components of the phone.

The potential commercialization of this technology by OnePlus remains uncertain, as the introduction of the OnePlus 11 Concept serves primarily as an indication of the company’s future direction and ambitions. Naturally, not all concept features must be implemented in production, as sometimes their value is purely as an exhibition of exciting new developments underway.

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