Oppo Reportedly Pulls Out of Key European Markets Amid Nokia Patent Lawsuits

Reports indicate that Oppo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, is withdrawing from crucial European markets, including Germany, France, Netherlands and UK. The news was initially released by Chinese media site called 36Krypton, which disclosed information about Oppo’s departure from the UK and Germany. Additionally, industry insiders SnoopyTech and Max Jambor tweeted that OnePlus, Oppo’s sister company, would also be withdrawing from these markets.

Although OnePlus denied the reports about leaving the European markets, but Oppo hasn’t made an official statement yet. The company’s purported decision to pull out of these markets is most likely due to a series of patent infringement lawsuits with Nokia that began after the expiration of critical patent agreements between the two companies in 2021.

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Nokia filed multiple lawsuits against Oppo in July 2021, and won cases in two German courts, resulting in a ban on the sale of Oppo and OnePlus phones in Germany. Nokia subsequently sued Oppo for patent infringement in the UK, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands, and has filed lawsuits in other European and Asian countries.

The consequences of Oppo’s purported withdrawal from significant European markets are still unclear, as are the future prospects of other BBK-group companies in Europe. However, the decision could have significant repercussions for the smartphone industry, given Oppo and OnePlus’s rising popularity in these markets in recent years. The outcome of this legal dispute remains to be seen. Oppo offers great devices, so if you are up for one, use our Mobile Phone Comparison Specs Tool to experience the best smartphone comparison ever!