The JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, known for testing the durability of gadgets, recently released a teardown video of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, revealing an exciting feature, a removable battery. This is a departure from the trend of non-removable batteries in smartphones that has been prevalent for several years.

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With a removable battery, users can easily replace it without needing to take the phone to a repair center, as long as they have some basic skills. This provides users with greater flexibility and control over maintaining their phones and could potentially contribute to reducing electronic waste.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Launch

It is important to note that the battery is not removable in the literal sense, as in older mobile phones, but the process has become much easier. Furthermore, we should not forget that the device is waterproof and removing the back cover is not ideal.

The discovery of a removable battery in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a welcome surprise. It provides users with more options for maintaining their device and could contribute to reducing electronic waste. This is especially significant as more devices are being supported with updates, resulting in a longer lifespan for a device. Ultimately, the ability for users to more easily maintain their devices will not only save them money but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

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