The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 series is set to debut next month, and the rumor mill is buzzing with leaks. A hot topic of discussion revolves around Samsung’s choice between sticking with the 10x zoom or opting for a 5x zoom paired with a powerful 50MP camera. It will be interested to see how S24 Ultra will compete with other flagships using our mobile phone comparison site!

Conflicting reports have emerged, adding to the intrigue. While one source from South Korea The Elec insists that the 10x zoom is here to stay, another leakster Revegnus disputes this claim, asserting that Samsung will not continue with the 10x zoom. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into these conflicting opinions and explore the potential direction Samsung might take regarding zoom capabilities in its upcoming flagship series.

In a recent report from a Korean source, it’s suggested that the Galaxy S24 Ultra might come with a 200 MP wide-angle camera, a 12 MP ultrawide lens, a 50 MP 5x zoom, and a 10 MP 10x zoom lens. If the rumors hold true, the only major change could be the addition of the new 50 MP 5x camera. The rest of the sensors are expected to be similar to what you find in the current S23 Ultra, which it’s comparing a lot with: oppo reno 10 pro plus vs samsung s23 ultra

As per the details, the incredible 200MP camera on the S24 Ultra comes from Samsung Electronics and Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Namuga and Sunny Optical are the ones providing the 12 MP ultrawide lens. When it comes to the telephoto cameras, Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Sunny Optical step in with the 10MP 10x and 50MP 5x lenses. And for the front-facing camera, Namuga and MCNEX are said to be supplying the 12 MP lens.

The Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus are expected to include a 50 MP main camera, a 12 MP ultrawide lens, and a 10 MP 3x zoom shooter – staying consistent with the current generation. This aligns closely with the camera specs of the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus.

As per the report, Samsung aims to deliver a whopping 35.2 million units of the Galaxy S24 series by the close of 2024. This includes 13.5 million units of the S24, 5.8 million units of the S24 Plus, and 15.9 million units of the S24 Ultra.

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