The Samsung S23 FE is set to debut soon, possibly on October 4th. We have got plenty of leaked info, including specs and colors. What is catching our attention now are live images that show it looking a lot like the A54. Let us break down how it is more like the A54 and not quite like the other FE or S23 phones.

A popular leaker on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter) recently posted live photos of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE. These images, sourced from YouTube, give us a clear view of the phone’s front and back, showcasing details like the camera setup, bezels, and LED flash placement.

He also shared his opinion about the S23 FE, suggesting that it is just the Galaxy A54s, which Samsung had originally planned to release in the second half of 2023. It is like how they introduced the A52s after the A52 or the A74. However, they likely opted to call it the “Galaxy S23 FE” because the S series has a higher reputation compared to the A series, and it adds more value to the phone.

To back up his point, he gave these reasons:

  • The front edges and bezels look more like the A54 than the S21 FE.
  • The LED flash does not align perfectly with the ultra-wide camera, which is unlike other S23 models.
  • The glossy glass back is like the A54, but it now has an aluminium frame instead of plastic.
  • There’s talk of a rumored price drop (a $100 reduction in the US).

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