What Is PhoneCompares.com? Here We Come Beta!

PhoneCompares.com is a massive effort of 2 friends from different Epirus having a crazy idea. To create The Best Online SmartPhone Comparison Engine That Exists On Planet Earth! The idea is in the works since 2020 and the first public beta of the website was published on December 17 of 2022. One is Vivek Rabara, a passionate developer who joined forces with “Neo” by accident.

What Is PhoneCompares.com?

Both created PhoneCompares.com not because it was a good idea, but because they loved the idea! Phone Compares offers the most dynamic Mobile Comparison Engine that compares each specification separately so users can have a quick understanding of which smartphone is better and on what points. This means that users don’t have to make all that reading that is usually required to understand chipset performance and other technical stuff. We do all the hard work for them so they only have to make a choice!

PhoneCompares.com is not another blog for smartphones, as we are going to mainly focus on comparisons and not news or leaks. The main purpose of this site is just comparisons and we may focus just a little bit on the news side if it feels right to do with a special “comparison” touch.

Data Are For Users!

Having the best Phone Comparison Engine on earth means valuable data not for brands, but for users! On the home page, users can find the Most Compared Devices which means a “ton” of help for them. Seeing at a glance the most compared smartphones or tablets can help users to discover devices they never knew existed. This is just a quick example because unique data like this can be found on almost every page of PhoneCompares.com.


All we do care about is simplicity for a clean design language. We wanted a clean UI that will be straightforward for visitors and we think we have achieved that.

Beta – Contact Us

PhoneCompares is right now in Beta, which means you might find some minor bugs here and there. If you are a user please be patient and feel free to contact us if you would like to suggest something or even report a bug. If you work for a brand and you want to keep in touch with us you can do it also on the “contact us” page.